For Nadav Kandar’s prize winning “Yangtze, the Long River,” the photographer spent 3 years traveling its edges and captured just a small portion of the people living on its banks, whose numbers total more than the population of the United States at 450 million!

Browse through (both amateur and pro) winners and honorable mentions of Smithsonian’s Wilderness Forever photo contest to commemorate 50 years of the Wilderness Act.

Lisa DeLillo created these images for her ‘Before the Echo’ series with fire, fireworks, smoke and other materials.


In 2006, Tokyo-based photographer Asako Shimizu was finally able to fulfill her dream of traveling to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world. There, inspired by the spectacular image of the seemingly endless horizon, as well as her relationship with the Earth, Shimizu captured a series of stunning photographs titled On Her Skin.

Susanna Manjuri of Helsinki, Finland

Giorgio Barrera ‘Through the Window’

Ian C. Bates ‘Meadowlark’ series-

"The steady breeze floats throughout the prairie lands stretching from one end of North Dakota to the other. Vast flat land, rolling hills and treacherous badlands are speckled with the occasional sleepy small town. Antelope prance across wheat fields as the Meadowlark fly from one fence post to another. Farms occupy most of this northern state which is now being overrun by oil fields, trucks and trains. As the least visited state in the United States, North Dakota stays silent, day and night. This project explores the areas of North Dakota not overrun by the oil business as it moves in, closer and closer."

Hugh Magnum, photographer who rejected racism in the American South at the turn of the 20th century.

Manuel Cosentino’s ‘Behind a Little House,’ with a teeny house and the ever expansive sky.

Sicily’s Francesco Paolo Catalano

What a find this morning- I started to look at these photographs and couldn’t stop until I got to the very end. The work has a powerful narrative quality and seems to impart an understanding- something crucial for the transgender/queer community. The photos challenge, yet are not aggressive which creates an alliance between you and the photographer. We’re all in this together, after all.
Grazie, Francesco.

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Wouter Van de Voorde

Born in Belgium and living in Canberra, Australia, Van de Voorde is a prolific medium-format film photographer working in the contemporary picturesque tradition of Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz, and Joel Sternfeld. 

Coming to photography by way of en plein air landscape painting, Van de Voorde describes the transition as a “a shit-storm of soul-searching and surrealist detours”:

…photography has brought me back to the essence of my love for image making: portraying fragments of reality, attempting to construct images strong enough to carry the mood I wish to create. […] the vowels and consonants of the landscape’s alphabet dictate my phrases.

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Beijing photographer Jiehao Su from the ongoing ‘Borderlands’ series

"1,864km" is a photo essay by Australian Jamie Hladky, all made while walking or driving through New South Wales, Australia